The Lost Art of Empathy

Time and time again, ‘Humans of New York (HONY)’ will appear on my Facebook news feed and, time and time again, the vastly-popular page will feature the image of a homeless person. At first glance, you note that they look like any of the other unfortunate homeless people that you’ve encountered on your daily commutes to the office … Continue reading The Lost Art of Empathy

No, I’m Not Indian

No, despite what the title may suggest, this won’t be a 1000 word rant about how I’m continuously mistaken for being Indian by some of my so-called friends. I mean, it could be, considering there are people I’ve known for almost 2 years that still insist I’m Indian and that I just haven’t realised it … Continue reading No, I’m Not Indian

The Information State of Ignorance and Subservience (ISIS)

There is something that has baffled me time after time again, and it’s begun to somewhat get on my nerves. You see, people regularly agree that media outlets consistently misrepresent the truth in order for it to sell. You’ll find these consensuses all over Facebook and Twitter and so on; these posts and tweets normally … Continue reading The Information State of Ignorance and Subservience (ISIS)

The Myth That Is UK Economic Control

During my studies at college, I found that Economics textbooks spouted never-ending theories about the powers of economic manipulation that the government had at their disposal. From stimulating supply to taming demand, the titans of the political mechanisms possess the hypothetical ability to bend the economy to their will. However, it’s important to note that … Continue reading The Myth That Is UK Economic Control

E-Cigarettes: Abstinence or Alternative Addiction?

Many of us are no stranger to the feeling of when, being slightly tardy on our return from the mid-lecture break, during which we barely managed to squeeze in a quick few drags, you slither into your seat soundlessly and cringe as everyone in your row sniffs at the odour that has accompanied your arrival, … Continue reading E-Cigarettes: Abstinence or Alternative Addiction?