Who’s Ty?

I see that you’ve landed on my blog. Well, let me provide you with a quick run-down on what it’s about and what reasons I could possibly have for wanting to publicly post my thoughts on the unforgiving platform that is the internet.

Well, Dumbledore is fortunate enough to possess a pensieve within which to store his thoughts for future reference. Unfortunately, I don’t have the magical capacity to do anything of the sort, so this site is my attempt at building a portfolio of my more philosophical and theoretical mental on-goings. In essence, my posts are simply elongated Facebook statuses that are designed to be thought-provoking and a way for me to truly express my personal views.

Of course, there is the self-development aspect. I want to become a better writer and, to achieve this, I need to write more (durh). So, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Follow me on my metaphorical journey as I strive to procrastinate through this online medium.

So, who’s Ty? Well, he’s just a final-year undergraduate at the UCL Faculty of Laws who obviously has far too much time on his hands.

5 thoughts on “Who’s Ty?

  1. It would be really interesting if you could give our own experiences as viewpoints on a variety of topics such as careers, jobs, love, relationships and family.

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